27 Mar 14

The Bay Bridge Series began with the two newly-acquired starting pitchers of the Giants (Tim Hudson) and the Athletics (Scott Kazmir) facing one another. It seemed like no contest with the A’s dousing the Giants, 4-0.

Kazmir outduelled Hudson who allowed a run each in the third and fifth before allowing Josh Reddick to blast a two-run home run destined for McCovey Cove had it not hit an advertising pole.

Poor defense for the Giants showed itself as Michael Morse, in left, dropped Josh Reddick’s routine popup in his first atbat (scoring an error), and missed widely on a backhanded diving attempt to field Donaldson’s triple.

The Giants’ rotation appears to be set, this series beginning with number three so that the season will begin with the announced number one. The rotation is: Bumgarner, Cain, Hudson, Lincecum, and Vogelsong.

The lineup tonight may well be the one to start the season on Monday since Marco Scutaro is on the disabled list:

Pagan, cf

Pence, rf

Belt, 1b

Posey, c

Sandoval, 3b

Morse, lf

Arias, 2b

Crawford, ss

Hudson, p

The Giants mourned the loss of Monroe Baer, Jr., father of Larry Baer, Giants’ President, whose obsequies were observed earlier in the day at Congregation Emanu-El at Two Lake Street.

The series continues Friday night with Tim Lincecum facing the right hander Jesse Chavez.