All Saints Day, 2015
November 1

Today I became the Priest-in-Charge of the Church of the Good Shepherd in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The Vestry requested this appointment, and the Bishop made it in accord with Canon III.9.3(b). I have ministered in this parish for years as a supply priest before and after the last rector.

In addition to offering the Eucharist on the Lord’s Day, we have an outreach ministry called the Seasons of Love dinners. We serve the people who need a hot meal twice a month on Sundays. (A nearby parish sponsors one meal a month in our parish house.) No one is turned away, and we serve eighty to a hundred people a dinner. We believe that these dinners are acts of mercy we perform offer in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

To be a priest in this community is an honor and a privilege. I am grateful to God for my association with this parish. The association reminds me that I am grateful to God for every circumstance in my life.