9 Apr 14

Tim Lincecum didn’t have it, and Paul Goldschmidt had Lincecum. Before Lincecum had retired a batter, Goldschmidt had blasted the big blow of the game, a three-run homer that unmistakably gave the Snakes the momentum and the upper hand that they never surrendered in the Giants’ long evening at home.

Giants’ manager Bruce Bochy said after the game, “I saw it in Bonds’ heyday. Pitchers were so concerned about not making mistakes with Barry, that’s what would happen.” So, Goldschmidt has gotten into Lincecum’s head, and he shows no signs of vacating the premises.

The Giants’ lost the pitching battle to Bronson Arroyo who pitched five complete innings to Lincecum’s four. Arroyo allowed 3 runs, all earned, struck out 2, and walked only 1. He allowed homeruns to Posey and to Morse who sent one 449 feet in left-center. Lincecum allowed all 7 runs, all earned, for the Dbacks and left the game with an ERA of 9.90.

The game was a manageable two hours and fifty-two minutes.