22 Apr 14

Madison Bumgarner’s gem the Giants wasted in their loss in Colorado, 2-1. MadBum’s record evens at 2 as he allows 9 hits, 2 runs both earned, 2 walks, 2 homers as he struck out 6. Nolan Arenado and Troy Tulowitzki provided the Rockies’ fire power in two solo homers.

The Giants’ offense included 8 hits. Two of those came from Hunter Pence and included his fifth-inning homer. Other hits came from Posey, Morse, Sandoval, Belt, Blanco, and MadBum.

Franklin Morales held the Giants to the Pence homer as he notched his second-best of his 29 starts.

The Dodgers lost to the Phillies, so the Giants remain one game out despite this loss. The Rockies, however, with the win moved a half-game in front of the Giants who now are in third place.