Reflecting on the Seasons of Love Dinner last Sunday has blossomed into one of the chief blessings of the week. This ministry is very rewarding, and the guests are thankful. They often say so, I want you to know.

On Sunday we prepared and served 161 meals including second servings and meals taken out. We had served approximately 95 meals when guests began to return before the take-outs began.

A goodly number of volunteers from the parish, Scranton Preparatory School, and the University of Scranton assisted in a variety of ways. The University volunteers sorted and distributed clothing in the basement while the rest of us prepared and served the meal.

The Seasons of Love Players who’ve joined forces with the Dinners provided a number of volunteers even as tables were moved and rearranged for performances of Tony and Tina’s Wedding in early November. One of them told me her story of her commitment to give support to those who need it and who through no fault of their own find that they need our help.

And new volunteers, young and energetic, from the parish lent a hand by making the salad. Warren Shotto prepared a beautiful beef stew to serve along with the salad, rolls, and dessert. The lady who always brings cupcakes outshone the novel traffic patterns, adjusted for the Steamtown Marathon, to bring several trays of them.

You will permit me to say that the food sufficed for the need, and none of it was wasted. When I reflect on the sufficiency and the absence of waste, I conclude that God could be found in the ministry aiding and assisting the doing of the ministry and securing its healthful benefits to those in need.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of it all.