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Nats Rout Giants, 9-2 — 10 Jun 14

Nats Rout Giants, 9-2

With a five-game winning streak and a beauteous record (42-21, exactly twice as many wins as losses) on the line, the Nationals behind Stephen Strasburg and Denard Span routed the Giants in the first game of a four-game series.

Ryan Vogelsong, the Giants’ number five starter, suffered six extra-base hits, tying his career record. Three of them came from the bat of the lead-off hitter, Denard Span who doubled, twice, and tripled. The rout was on and, further, admitted in the seventh when the Giants pulled half of their position players.

Strasburg lowered his ERA to 2.99 permitting one run, earned, in six innings.  Vogelsong allowed six in six while his ERA climbed to 3.84. The victory allowed the Nationals to keep pace with the Braves, victors over the Colorado Rockettes, 3-1, with whom they share a 33-29 record.

The Giants lost a game of their lead over the Dodgers, who defeated the Cincinnati Reds, 6-2.

The Giants look to return to the winning column when they send Madison Bumgarner to the mound to face Doug Fister in his third start after returning to action from the disabled list. Fister brings an ERA of 3.19 to duel with Bumgarner’s 2.68.

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