RCL Year B Easter 2
Acts 4:32–35, Psalm 133, I John 1:1—2:2, Saint John 20:19-31

The Gospel just proclaimed continually is proclaimed on this Sunday, the Second Sunday of Easter. Every year on this day we hear it, and you can easily see why.

First, it is a Gospel of the first two Sundays of the first Easter. The first portion occurs on the first Easter night, and the second portion, a crucial portion, when Thomas meets the resurrected Jesus, occurs on the second Sunday after the resurrection. The two different events are joined by that little phrase, “a week later his disciples were again in the house.”[1]

Second, the Gospel tells of Thomas’ meeting with the resurrected Jesus, the meeting when Thomas sees him for the first time. The encounter anticipates your meeting and my meeting with the resurrected Lord. It’s a meeting we all share. We shall see him if we haven’t already. We shall see his wounds and his face, and we shall have the opportunity to recognize him, to see him for whom he is, just like Thomas. We shall see what we have done to him, and we shall see what we have done for him. And through it all, we shall have to experience his love for us, the very love which meets Thomas’ doubt, the very love which gives Thomas the glimpse he needs in order to believe. The Gospel today and this Eucharist are a preparation for that day and that meeting when we shall have our opportunity to say, “My Lord and my God!”[2]

[1] Saint John 20:26.

[2] Saint John 20:28.