30 Mar 14

Last year the Giants admittedly underperformed in: offense, defense, and pitching. What else is there? The WBC sank the pitching; the horses were worn out heading into the stretch. Injuries hurt the offense especially at the top of the order. And defense was a casualty, I think, to mental and physical preparation. That’s my theory. So, as the Giants prepare for the campaign that begins tomorrow, I have four questions whose answers will reveal the season:

1. Will the Giants’ pitchers perform as highly as their publicity?

2. Will the Giants’ offense score enough runs to give the pitchers reasonable chances to win?

3. Will the Giants be ready mentally and physically to play defense that will give the pitchers reasonable chances to win?

4. Will the farrago of talent, will the menagerie of personalities that is the Los Angeles Dodgers of Hollywood get it together and win? They had an amazing second half last season and then a disappointment in the playoffs, and will they improve upon that this year?

And that’s the bird’s eye view of the 2014 season of the Giants the day before the games begin.